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The Poetry and Multiple Sclerosis Study

Georgi devised the Poetry and Multiple Sclerosis Study to explore how poetry written by people living with multiple sclerosis might affect or enhance conversations about the condition. In 2003, Georgi was diagnosed with MS, and it is her experience of living with, and talking about, MS which prompted the research. Find out more about the PaMS Study by watching the film below or on the Poetry and Multiple Sclerosis website.

  • Using poetry to research and articulate lived experience of multiple sclerosis.
  • Problematizing power dynamics between patients and research teams.
  • The possibilities of poetic inquiry in qualitative research to represent fractured narratives.
  • The possibilities of poetry to communicate qualitative research findings.
  • Poetry as a collaborative and participatory act.
  • The im/possibility of language to construct and communicate identity.
  • Disability studies and activism.

‘MS and “I”: challenging assumptions about voice and truth in poems about lived experience of multiple sclerosis.’
Public Health/Private Illness conference. Online (2020)

‘content work produce form: Feminist Collective Writing in the Art Gallery.’
A performance presentation with J L Williams and other members of 12.
3rd European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Edinburgh (2019)

Conference Blogger for Centre for Creative-Relational Inquiry. 3rd European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Edinburgh (2019)

Conference organiser, 13th Annual Counselling & Psychotherapy Research Conference. Edinburgh (2019)

‘Bringing people and poems together: how the Scottish Poetry Library engages new readers across linguistic, social and geographic borders.’ Ventspils paralēle: Books. A Success Story. Ventspils (2016)

‘It sounds messy. It sounds MSsy: poetic inquiry as a methodology for exploring lived experience of multiple sclerosis.’ The Honest Ulsterman (2019)

  • Presentations of trauma in the poetry of Sharon Olds and Kevin Powers.
  • The deconstruction of poetic narratives in the work of Ciaran Carson.
  • Poetry in Scottish LGBTQI communities.
  • The theme of time in TS Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’ and David Jones’s ‘In Parenthesis’.