Devising or participating in writing and inter-disciplinary collaborations, participatory projects, online and face-to-face events is a major aspect of my work. Here are some projects I have been involved in.

Georgi wearing a Grecian dress lies on a purple couch with a gold pillow behind her head. Her eyes and closed and she seems to be asleep.

Poet-in-residence at the Anatomical Museum, Edinburgh

In 2019, I became the inaugural Poet-in-residence at the Anatomical Museum in Edinburgh, writing poems about the collection and facilitating public creative writing workshops. In 2020, the residency was mostly online which led to this film.

Close up of an image of a hand which has been coloured in and place in a glass jar. The jar is on a white shelf and light is shining through a window behind the shelf.
Item from Georgi’s homemade Anatomical Museum, used in film of poetry reading for the museum.
Musical collaborations

Working with composer Isabel Benito Gutierrez, I wrote the words for ‘Philomela’, a contemporary classical piece which premiered at the Royal Northern College of Music at the Rosamond Prize in 2017. I collaborated again with Benito Gutierrez and visual artist, Èlia Navarro, in 2018, on an audio-video installation, ‘Dans Les Noirceurs‘.

A woman wearing black stands on a dark stage. Behind her a screen is visible with black and white abstract images visible on the screen
Image from performance of Dans les noiceurs, score by Isabel Benito Gutierrez, words by Georgi Gill, art film by Elia Navarro

12 is a group of women poets who respond to art exhibitions and one another’s writing. I’ve been writing and performing with 12 since 2016. Performances include StAnza Poetry Festival, Glasgow Women’s Library and National Gallery of Scotland.

Seven women in a line behind a table. Six of the women are standing. The one in the middle is seated.
Still from 12 reading for StAnza Festival. L-R event host, Lynn Davidson, Theresa Munoz, Georgi (Seated) Anne Laure Coxam, Jane Mckie, Jane Goldman

I Know That Is Poetry

Corrupted Poetry invited me to participate in their series of poetry podcasts.

I chose to speak about ‘Southend’ by Judith Willson. Visuals by Nic Stringer.

Mixed Messages

This was an online participatory poetry project that I devised for National Poetry Day 2016 when I invited members of the public to send messages for inclusion in a series of poems.

An old, black Nokia phone placed on top of a notebook with tattoo designs. The mobile screen says '1 message received'
‘singular together’

Since early in the Covid pandemic, I’ve been collaborating with fiction writer, Gillian Shirreffs, since early in lockdown. They are writing a novel together and also creative non-fiction that explores their lives during the Covid pandemic. ‘singular together’, an excerpt from the creative non-fiction piece, featured in Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities: Glasgow.

I stepped away from the map for a while and now you’ve moved. Gary, did you drive past Valley Gardens? Is the cherry blossom still out? As you pull a large cardboard box out of your van for drop 27, I imagine cherry blossom petals falling on your hair, a thick head of dark hair, longer than you would like. If you’re not a hayfeverish sort, and I don’t think that you are, please let a couple of the petals stay in your hair; tiny, faintly fragranced companions as you move from house to house. 

— from ‘singular together’, Dostoyevsky Wannabe Cities: Glasgow, Dostoyevsky Wannabe

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